Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Download Picasa For Free

Another reason to love downloading Picasa for free! I got an email from a Digital Camera Help visitor who was having problems saving a slideshow he had created onto a cd to share with friends and family. It seems the cd would play the slides in a different order than they were on the PC! I was not familiar with the software he was using but did tell him that files are usually sorted (and played) in alphabetic order and an easy way to get the slideshow to go in the order you want is to use a number as the file name, like; 001, 002, 003, etc. Of course, renaming all the file names is only practical if your slide show is small!

I also suggested using Picasa and told him, “Using Picasa (free photo editing software from Google) you can save a slideshow in the same order that you had the photos arranged in your folder or album as long as you have the "Include Slideshow" option checked under step one on the "Gift CD" screen.”

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