Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Custom Slideshow In Picasa

How can I create a custom slideshow in Picasa?

You can create a custom slideshow in Picasa using photos from multiple Folders and/or Albums. You must first add all the desired photos to the Photo Tray. To select multiple photos that are in the same folder, hold the "Ctrl" key while clicking the photos. Before switching to a new folder to select more photos, click the "Hold" button next to the Photo Tray. Continue clicking photos and the Hold button until all the desired photos appear in the Photo Tray. In Picasa versions 2.5 and above you will click Add to > New Album. For Picasa versions before 2.5, click "Label" > "New Label".Enter the name of this group of photos and any other pertinent information for your custom Picasa slideshow. This group will appear as a new Album in Picasa. You can now run a slideshow using this new Album.

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