Saturday, March 31, 2007

Editing and Organizing Photos Into Albums With Picasa

Picasa presents powerful features for organization and optimization of digital images. The article provides a full review of the use of this software for amateur photographers.

The tremendous increase of using Digital Photography in the past few years gave birth to a growing need for good, easy to use and free picture editing and organization software.

There are not too many good and satisfying softwares for ordinary people like you and me that just want to download photos from our new digital camera which were taken on our last vacation. We don't need the complicated and deadly frustrating features that require half a year course to understand. Most of the softwares on the market today have been tailored for the use of photography professionals, graphic designer artists and image processing technicians. These softwares are very very expensive and hard to use.

All we need is an easy way to organize, edit and share our pictures. This is when Google decided to develop software just for our needs. And so they came up with 'Picasa'.

Picasa is surprisingly intuitive and easy to use, has very comfortable interface and relaxing graphics. The moment you enter Picasa, it automatically locates all your pictures, you will be surprised of how many pictures Picasa found that you didn't even know they exist. You can edit, share, organize in albums and print your pictures. Let's find out about the new features Picasa presents:

-Editing: Optimize your digital pictures with Picasa: remove red-eyes, improve color saturation, sharpening and much more with just few simple clicks.

-Organize: With Picasa you can instantly locate and organize all pictures on your PC and create your own photo albums

-Share: Send your photos to your Friends and Family right from Picasa.

-Publish your pictures on your blog and creating your own picture website was never easier like with Picasa.

-Creating beautiful slide shows is simple and intuitive

Print your favorite photos at home or order professional high quality Photo books , collages or movies directly from Picasa.

In addition to the main features above Picasa also gives you the possibility to burn Gift CD´s with Pictures inside to add label for every picture and it is able to perform a Ranking within all available images in order to choose the best ones.

As you can see Picasa offer great variety of options and features while keeping it simple as possible for the common amateur photographer like me.

With the free distribution of this excellent software product, Google has set a heavy milestone in the fast growing Digital Imaging business. No doubt that Picasa is the best choice now days:
You can visit Picasa Download center at and Download the software for free.

Best regards and fun photo organizing.

Maxim Shramko, is a well known internet entrepreneur among other webmaster's experties he writes special reviews on new highly important products.

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