Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Why Download Picasa?

A free image editor download is usually a regular version with the really good effects and extras grayed out with pop-up messages urging you to buy the $29+ upgrade to the full version. Other photo editor free downloads are trial versions and expire in a certain number of days which are pointless to download unless you are thinking about buying the full version. I recommend you download Picasa which is a free photo editor download from Google because it is completely free and it has so many features it is hard to imagine what you are missing. Picasa has the most bells and whistles that I have ever seen on a totally free photo editing software.

Download Picasa 2 free and you get all these cool features:

• Picasa organizes your entire collection while you watch, scanning the images on your computer and automatically sorting them by date.

• New visual effects can improve your photos – add richer colors or change the photo to black and white.

• Zoom. Pan. Tilt. Get the angle you intended. Go in closer and move the focus slightly to the left or adjust perspective and straighten crooked photos.

• Put the same picture into multiple albums without taking up more space.

• Automatically resizes and attaches pictures to email messages.

• Picasa's “Blog This!” button automatically transfers selected pictures up to your blog.

• Send out dozens of pictures instantly using the "Hello" button in Picasa while you chat with friends and family who are also online.

• With Picasa, you can turn a group of photos into a presentation with one click, and then share your slide show on a CD.

• Picasa automatically fits your pictures perfectly onto the expensive paper used by your home printer.

• You can pick photos straight out of Picasa and upload them directly to your favorite photo finishers to order prints and other products.

• Use Picasa’s free Web Albums for posting, sharing and viewing photos.

• Picasa’s automatic photo organizer will download your pictures to any TiVo® Series2™ DVR connected to a home network.

• And more!

Download Picasa using the Google software buttons on this page

Download Picasa - Organize Your Pictures

The boom of popular and affordable Digital Cameras has generated an increased Need for Digital Imaging Software. One important requirements is the ability to Organize and perform basic image enhancements on the Digital Pictures.

The most common requirements on Digital Pictures are:

- The ability to organize the digital material and access to all digital pictures from one application

- An overview of all taken pictures over the time

- The ability to perform basic editing operations like red-eye removal, improve color saturation and sharpening

- The ability to create Slide Shows in a very easy and intuitive way

- To burn Gift CD´s with Pictures inside

- To create Photo Web Pages for the publication of digital pictures on the web

- To add Labels for every image

- To create high quality prints

Additional to the mentioned basic functions, the application should be able to Perform a Ranking within all available images in order to choose the best ones.

Also the ability to order Photo-prints, Photo-Books, create Posters, collages or Movies (i.e. to create DVDs). The movie should be able to use also high quality Video compression Codecs like DivX.

While Mac Users have a "built-in" application with iPhoto able to perform all mentioned features, PC Users had to buy additional software like Adobe´s Album.

In the meanwhile, Free Software like Picasa is available, offering similar functions as expensive specialized applications.

Picasa is being promoted by Google, there are several places where the software can be downloaded for free, i.e. in http://www.101homebiz.com/picasa

The User Interface of Picasa is intuitive and easy to use. All functions are where one would expect them. The application makes a solid and reliable impression.

It is obvious that Google is intending to put a feed in the fast growing Digital Imaging business. With the free distribution of this excellent software product the Search Engine giant has performed a very good choice.

Alex Timaios is a international Stock Photographer. He is specialized in Business, Nature and Travel photography. He runs the website http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Alex_Timaios

Download Picasa

Thank you for visiting my new "Download Picasa" blog! I will be posting links to download Picasa free and posting articles on Picasa help, tips and tricks.

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